Planned updates for the future:

Add Weather Warnings to the top of the main site
Add River Flows for Grande Ronde and Snake River

Recent updates to the site:

3/31/2023 - Added useful link widget to the main page.
3/30/2023 - Added historical peak snow pack depth to historical precipitation page.
3/11/2023 - Added total snow depth to the historical precipitation page.
3/4/2023 - Fixed the borken antenna on the snow depth camera and got it online again
2/18/2023 - Installed a Road cam along Highway 129 and added it to the website.
2/16/2023 - Added historical precipitation for Year to date and Historical Snowpack for this day.
1/23/2023 - Added a site ranking button to the bottom of the page.
1/20/2023 - Updated the About and Updates pages to have the new format.
1/8/2023 - Updated the look of main page of the site. Added CSS styles and made the site mobile friendly.
12/20/2022 - Added Forecast for Anatone area. Added Precipitation information for the last week, month to day and water year.
11/28/2022 - Updated the descriptions on the main page to better describe each item. Add information in About section.
11/23/2022 - Install new HD camera for weather camera. Install new HD camera for snow depth camera.
11/16/2022 - Created a menu bar along the top of the main page. Created an updates page to show what has been changed.
11/10/2022 - Added CocoRahs images for county and national views
11/9/2022 - Added images from weather cam