Planned updates for the future:

Add Weather Warnings to the top of the main site
Add River Flows for Grande Ronde and Snake River
Integrate CoCoRaHS Data Explorer into the website

Recent updates to the site:

4/14/2024 - Added Added page for regional road cams, forecast information from the SPC and CPC, updated links on main page. Removed the snow camera for the summer.
2/5/2024 - Added Asotin County Conservation District weather stations from around the county on to the website.
10/26/2023 - Brought snow camera back online. Fixed the daily measurement for mobile phones. Added a New hit counter and website stats engine to the site.
10/1/2023 - Updated CoCoRaHS script to fix errors after the new water year begins. Also added additional useful links.
Added daily observation pane for CoCoRaHS information.
7/21/2023 - Raised the Anemometer. It's now 20ft off the ground.
3/31/2023 - Added useful link widget to the main page.
3/30/2023 - Added historical peak snow pack depth to historical precipitation page.
3/11/2023 - Added total snow depth to the historical precipitation page.
3/4/2023 - Fixed the borken antenna on the snow depth camera and got it online again
2/18/2023 - Installed a Road cam along Highway 129 and added it to the website.
2/16/2023 - Added historical precipitation for Year to date and Historical Snowpack for this day.
1/23/2023 - Added a site ranking button to the bottom of the page.
1/20/2023 - Updated the About and Updates pages to have the new format.
1/8/2023 - Updated the look of main page of the site. Added CSS styles and made the site mobile friendly.
12/20/2022 - Added Forecast for Anatone area. Added Precipitation information for the last week, month to day and water year.
11/28/2022 - Updated the descriptions on the main page to better describe each item. Add information in About section.
11/23/2022 - Install new HD camera for weather camera. Install new HD camera for snow depth camera.
11/16/2022 - Created a menu bar along the top of the main page. Created an updates page to show what has been changed.
11/10/2022 - Added CocoRahs images for county and national views
11/9/2022 - Added images from weather cam